The benefit of Assessments: our customers explain

Recruiting a new colleague, placing an internal colleague in a new position... There is always an investment involved where career steps are concerned. For employees themselves this can often involve a great deal more time in training. For companies, the cost can reach as high as 50,000 EUROs. So, needless to say, it is very important to put the right person in the right position. And that is what you can be sure of when using an Assessment. By doing so, the (candidate’s) competencies are tested to find a relevant match in terms of values and standards, or perhaps a totally different set of competencies. Some of our customers talk about their experiences using these Assessments at Select HR.


As a Belgian IT player, we regularly recruit Young Potential BI consultants. We specifically prefer to keep control of our own recruitment. Indeed, it is really important to remain critical throughout the process. After all, we expect quite a commitment from our new colleagues with our extensive training programme. It is a major investment for us as well. We therefore want our recruitment decisions to be well founded.

That is why we use Assessment centres. There are aspects adapted to our needs: for example, a technical BI test. Together with a traditional competency test and a test related to our values and business culture. We naturally check these ourselves too during the recruitment process. However, when the investment is so great, it is important to have a more certain evaluation. And the results certainly meet our expectations. For example, we carried out 5 assessments of new colleagues last year. And these people are all still working with us.

In fact, it is also a real bonus for the candidates as well. We often receive feedback afterwards that it was very enriching and helped them to find out more about themselves.

We chose Select HR as our Assessments partner. There are several reasons why we made this decision. We always receive feedback and results from the Assessments very quickly. We do not have to wait for days. And that can often be very important in the recruitment process. We can always count on personal feedback about the report. In other words, we are given the ideal support to help us take a good recruitment decision.


Since we like to start from a good basis when recruiting new employees, we decided to conduct an external assessment on candidate colleagues. The choice of agency was easy, as we already had good experiences working with Select HR in the past.

Together with Select HR we decided to choose an assessment involving skills test and general personality tests. We are looking for employees who have empathy, are customer focused, take the initiative and work autonomously.

Select HR always reacts fast to our demands and contacts the candidate to plan an assessment. The results are provided in a report and discussed together, and compared with our own feelings about the candidate concerned. This face-to-face meeting is important, as it usually reveals certain elements experienced by the assessor during the interview with the candidate.

The partnership works very well. The results often confirm our feelings about a candidate and allow us to use a more structured approach to decide whether or not to recruit. Indeed, we consider an external assessment to be more objective.

Meanwhile, Abesco has various positions for which its own internal staff can apply. This assessment is being conducted by Select HR as well. We decide together on the relevant focus, depending on the job concerned.

Our collaboration offers significant added value when it comes to the decision related to the recruitment of candidates and appointing internal positions. After all, our choice is now founded on a broader evaluation and assessment of the candidates.
Publicatie datum: 13 June 2017