Alert: Vacancy and recruitment fraud: phishing messages on behalf of Select HR

Unfortunately, we have recently received several reports of phishing messages being sent on behalf of Select HR via WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook and possibly other social media channels. It is a new type of fraud that many recruitment organisations are currently suffering from.

These messages use our name or variations of our name and logos. The persons behind these messages pretend to be employees of our organisation. The messages are sent from a foreign phone number and in both Dutch and English people are offered a job with a request for more information. This may involve contacting them via another phone number to retrieve the actual information.

We would like to emphasise that this way of requesting information and the entire working method used by these people are not part of Select HR's working method. We monitor the situation closely and take proactive measures to protect our clients and candidates from possible phishing consequences. We advise at all times to be alert to such messages yourself and take the following actions to protect yourself, your personal and/or sensitive information.

Have you received a similar message?

  1. Report this to our head office
  2. Do not respond or share any personal data or sensitive information. (ID, driving licence, passport or bank card/credit card.)
  3. Take screenshots as evidence
  4. Block the phone number and report the fraud to the channel you were contacted with

Did you realise too late that this was a fraud attempt and still accidentally shared personal data and/or other sensitive information in the process? Then report this to the police immediately. You can find more information on the police website.

How do you recognise a phishing message?

Incorrect spelling in the message, as well as of our company name. Language or grammar errors due to translation software.

Foreign number:
We do not send apps with a foreign number.

A promise too good to be true:
A flexible homeworking job, no prior education required, working a few hours a day for a reward of €100 to €300 a day or just a requirement like: knowledge of computers, internet and telephone.

Application procedure:
No insight was given into the application procedure or an application procedure is completely missing.

Contact with the company:
You are unable or advised against contacting the company.

You are asked to make a payment (often in crypto currencies like bitcoin, etc,) as a means of verification or to purchase learning materials.

More information around this type of fraud can be found at: