A professional farewell after a fine collaboration

Outplacement counselling

Dismissal is hard to deal with. Allow your employee to leave with the feeling that they are not alone. Select HR coaches will counsel your staff when they receive the bad news. Your staff are not simply left to their own devices thanks to our experienced and personal approach. They guide them to a new professional activity. 

Our coaches are ready

A dismissal is hard to deal with for both the employer and employee. Unfortunately, dismissals are unavoidable in the business world. All the more reason to make it as pleasant as possible.

Select HR provides personal counselling from start to finish whether it involves a restructuring or an individual match that is no longer optimal. Our coaches are ready to assist your employee after the exit interview and help them in their search for a new professional perspective.

Custom personalised counselling

Our coaches take the time to listen. They are the ideal party to assist your staff thanks to their interpersonal skills, knowledge, and years of experience. They always start from the unique viewpoint of each individual. Everyone is different. So, no instance of outplacement counselling is ever the same.

Personal counselling always rests on three pillars:

  • Mental preparation
  • Practical support
  • Operational coaching

Consider your employer branding

A dismissal is never a final farewell. An employee who you say farewell to with a warm handshake, takes that experience outside the company. This is why it proper outplacement counselling is of utmost importance. It is not just a token of respect towards your staff. It is also a way to give a practical form to your employer brand. 


Your challenge
You want to dismiss an employee in a professional manner so that your employer brand is not damaged and to make a positive gesture after ending a fine collaboration. Naturally, it is preferable that the right expertise is tapped to do this in a warm and personal manner. 
Our solution
Outplacement support. Our coaches go to your location to provide the initial assistance and counsel the dismissed employee afterwards so that he or she can start a new professional activity. This is how you work on your employer brand and not leave your staff in the lurch. 
Why choose Select HR?

We always start from the unique viewpoint of each individual and their motivations and emotions. This is why every instance of counselling is different and tailored to the individual. In addition, our coaches have years of experience in the HR world. They are happy to counsel your staff in a personal manner. 

Do you need advice? You are welcome to contact one of our experts.

Jo-Anne LudwigConsultant