For insight into new and existing talent

Assessment and development centre as a measuring instrument

Talent does not stand still. This is why it is also a good thing to start the search in-house. Screening existing competencies provides you with a better view of which talents are located where. This allows you to offer your current staff to develop their talents and test the skills of newly recruited talent.

Screening and testing

Are you certain about the right talent?

Do you want to be certain that you recruited the right talent into your company? If so, a screening is the best solution. Select HR, as standard, takes the time to test its candidates when they apply. So, we are certain about the quality of the person we send to you. This allows you to obtain an accurate picture of the competencies listed on the CV. Of course, talent does not stand still and, so, it pays to screen your existing staff. This provides you with an overview of all of the talent in your organisation.

If you would like advice about the competencies within your company, there is a twofold solution:

A. Opt to have Select HR carry out an extensive recruitment cycle. We test the candidates and share the results of assessments with you.
B. Screen your existing staff using the development centres. Giving your staff a chance to discover their talents provides you with an overview of the competencies in your company. You also profile yourself as a committed employer.

Why test using Select HR?

Select HR starts by taking the people perspective in your organisation. Our consultants guide your staff in an expert manner when carrying out the various tests. If you want to identify the competencies of new and existing staff, you can count on Select HR for:

  • A warm and discrete approach that immediately garners trust
  • Experience and expertise related to recruitment and internal growth
  • Implementation of the results based on an action plan
  • Provide your current staff an opportunity to develop further


Your challenge?
You want to be certain that the new talent in your company has the right skills and also want to identify the competencies of your current staff. This allows you to determine which people in your company can develop further.
Our solution?
Competence consultancy. Select HR screens your new talent and tests the current talent using an assessment and development centres. This is how Select HR identifies the competencies within your company.
Why choose Select HR?
Our consultants use their interpersonal skills when testing talent within your organisation. This is how we start from the people perspective in your organisation so we can work more efficiently.

Do you need advice? You are welcome to contact one of our experts.

Jo-Anne LudwigConsultant