Proper counselling reduces the threshold

Labour market reintegration

Be a committed employer, not just for your staff on the work floor, but also for those who could not do their jobs for a long period of time due to exceptional fatigue. If an employee wants to restart work after such a burnout, Select HR can assist in this process. 

Losing the feeling with the professional environment

A loyal employee who performed well that was forced to rest at home and who wants to restart work at the same company after a long absence will probably have lost some of their feeling with their professional environment. At that time, Select HR is ready to provide them with the necessary support. 

Experienced coaches help you on your way

Our coaches have extensive HR processes experience and know the best way to help someone on their way. This could be helping someone restart work after a burnout or assisting an employee who wants to get back in the labour market after a long absence. In both cases, our coaches will custom build a needed, this can be done in consultation with the HR department and the manager.

Custom guidance

Everyone is different. This is why our counselling cannot be plugged into a standard formula. Select HR tailors its services. Our coaches always start from an individual’s unique perspective. The individual benefits from an approach tailored specifically to him/her. The person is coached in full confidence and with the appropriate knowledge about their affairs. 

If you want to get back in the labour market, start with Select HR. 


Your challenge
An employee who has been absent for a long time indicates that they would like to restart work at your organisation. This individual is very valuable to you and you want them to return to work. However, you do not know what the best approach is. You want the restart to go smoothly with the proper guidance. Or, you want to implement an outplacement procedure when that individual is no longer suitable for the same job. 
Our solution
We draw up an action plan together with HR, the manager, and the returning employee. If they are unable to properly fulfil their job in your company, the individual can be started on an outplacement procedure with Select HR. So, as an employer, you continue to offer support and help your employee on their way to a new opportunity. 
Why choose Select HR?
We always start with the specific needs of an individual. To allow a restart to go smoothly, we gather the three parties around a table and act as an intermediary. Our coaches use their expertise to successfully implement the procedure. They have years of experience and a warm personality that creates immediate trust. 

Do you need advice? You are welcome to contact one of our experts.

Jo-Anne LudwigConsultant