Outline a path towards success

Development pathways for your staff

No one is too old to learn. Don’t let your staff become rusty. Instead, provide them with the opportunity to discover new talents and develop old talents. Select HR helps sharpen up communication skills so that your staff, for instance, can perform better in appraisal interviews and presentations in front of large groups. 

Personal support

Your company is growing and you do not want your staff to fall behind. An employee in your company loses their knack for giving presentations, does not look you in the eye in performance reviews, or is not comfortable in a leadership role. You can help them by engaging Select HR.

Our coaches outline a custom path with the end objective being an employee whose talent can be deployed in multiple situations and will once again be motivated in their work in your company. Our experienced coaches are experts in these matters and treat your file with the necessary discretion.

Internal mobility provides external growth

Talent in your company can develop and reinforce competencies using a development pathway. For example, you can use internal mobility so your company can continue to grow with the need to search for new employees.

In addition, this sort of pathway is a good way of showing your staff that you believe in them. Your commitment means a lot to your staff and also improves your employer brand. 


Your challenge
Your company grows and you want to give your staff the opportunity to develop further. You want to be able to allow your staff to grow so they can be engaged in different situations internally in the long-term. In addition, you look at coaching in the context of employer branding. 
Our solution
Development paths. Select HR provides development pathways for your staff. These are completely tailored. For example, a pathway might focus on improving aspects affected by personality, such as appraisal interview skills and assuming leadership roles. 
Why choose Select HR?
Custom service is our standard. Our coaches work with the involved employee to outline a pathway while taking your needs and requirements into account. They guide the individual along the pathway from start to finish and take the time to help them function at a higher level. 

Do you need advice? You are welcome to contact one of our experts.

Jo-Anne LudwigConsultant