Spotting talent is an art in itself

Selection and recruitment, the basis for Select HR

Select HR starts by taking the people perspective in your company including when you need new talent. Our consultants source candidates, spot talent, and match the right people to your company. Because the right recruitment ensures that the driving force of your company continues to run.

Sourcing and selection

Placing the right person in the right job is not easy.

So, engages Select HR to assist you. Our consultants take the time to first acquaint themselves with your company. What is the work environment like? What profile are you looking for? Temporary or permanent? We go over every detail with you. From job description to compensation package and application procedure. You determine which media channels our experts will use for the search. And then the search begins.

Select HR starts by sourcing candidates and spotting talent. Our consultants carry out an in-depth interview to gauge the candidate’s education, experience, competencies, etc. We also always carry out an assessment so that we can be sure the match is an ideal fit. If we believe our candidates are a perfect match for the profile you are looking for, we send them to their future employer.

What makes recruiting via Select HR unique?

Experts with a personal approach

Our consultants make Select HR unique. The people in our company. You can count on them for:
  • A warm and personal approach
  • Discretion, trust, and respect
  • Expertise and experience
  • A passion of HR work
Select HR has all the necessary expertise in-house with respect to permanent contracts, temporary contracts, office and sales, IT, etc. Our consultants will find the ideal talent for you thanks to their expertise and years of experience.


Your challenge?
You are looking for new talent that will fit in with your business and company culture and with the right competencies. In addition, you want to save time when recruiting.
Our solution?
We source candidates and spot the right talent. We use in-depth interviews and assessments to find a match that completely aligns with your company culture.
Why choose Select HR?
Our consultants are experts in these matters. They take the time to expertly acquaint themselves with your company. Their personal approach allows them to find the match with a suitable candidate.

Do you need advice? You are welcome to contact one of our experts.

Jo-Anne LudwigConsultant