Recruit candidates like a real expert

Recruitment consultancy for your recruitment strategy

Select HR has a lot of expertise in-house. Naturally, most of our knowledge is related to selection and recruitment. Our consultants are happy to share this with your HR staff. Focused recommendations allow you to give your recruitment policy a boost, which is a good thing given the tightened labour market.

Recruitment consultancy

Custom advice for your company

Do you need recruitment advice? Do you want to find potential talent, select candidates, and interview them in an optimal manner? If so, you have come to the right place with Select HR. We put our expertise at your disposal.

In addition to the practical search for candidates, our consultants also provide advice about the entire recruitment policy in your company. This expert advice is completely customised to your needs. This ensures you have the right tools so that your HR department can work more efficiently.

Select HR’s experts, the best advisors

Our consultants have years of recruitment experience. Their expert advice and expertise helps your organisation make progress. Because the driving force of your company must continue to run and this will only work with excellent staff. If you want expert advice, you can expect the following:
  • Open no-nonsense communication
  • In-depth analyses
  • A warm and personal approach
  • Recruiting experience and expertise


Your challenge?
You want to review your recruitment policy to optimise it for the long-term. But, you do not know how to improve it so that you can also find the right talent without external partners.
Our solution?
Recruitment consultancy. Our consultants start from their experience and expertise to provide your HR department with focused recommendations. They will be given the proper tools to recruit more efficiently.
Why choose Select HR?
Our consultants are experts in these matters. Recruiting is their passion and how they fill out their day. They customize the expertise they have gained over the years to match the needs of your company.

Do you need advice? You are welcome to contact one of our experts.

Jo-Anne LudwigConsultant