Our working method

Every client and every candidate can count on a customised approach. We sincerely believe in the goodness and uniqueness of every human being. Everyone is different. And what makes you unique as a person and as a company also makes you stronger.

What can you expect as a job-seeker or coachee?

During the 'getting acquainted' time slot our Select Consultants clearly explain the programme so that you know what to expect.

An application procedure, for our internal and external positions, consists of a getting acquainted and competency-based interview that can be supplemented with specific tests or questionnaires depending on the position. We go over the results with you. This is valuable baggage for your subsequent career.

Then we send a report and CV to potential employers. During this phase we also check any references that you provided. We discuss this with you beforehand.

A coaching or career track at Select is always different since we tailor our tracks to your needs. All this is supported by scientific models and tools. You can get more information about this from our consultants or on our website.

Throughout our coaching or career track, we handle the data that you provided with extreme care and discretion. You can find more information about this in our privacy policy.

How else do we help our clients?

Select sees every collaboration as a partnership in which the client's needs are of central importance.

Select is a house of specialists who are passionate about their job. Depending on your need, a specific consultant ensures that no HR questions remain unanswered.

All these activities are scientifically supported with professional tools but this does not inhibit a personal relationship or tailored solutions. Together we choose the right approach and deal with the data that you provided with extreme care and discretion. You can find more information about how we do this in our privacy statement.